Fastest way to get a job in Nigeria (2019)

There are over 50 million jobless youths in Nigeria. The competition to get a job is high, that’s why I want to show you fastest way to get a job in Nigeria. 
What I want to share with you cannot be found anywhere else. Just pay attention!
The huge number of jobless youths in Nigeria is so disturbing, the elastic limit has been exceeded. I gave it time to write this awesome article just to help you find a job, the fastest way!
I want to personally beg you to never at any time buy the idea that there is no job in Nigeria.
There is always a job and people are getting new jobs every day, only that jobs are very few and the number of people seeking for is too high. But I strongly believe that this article, ‘fastest way to get a job in Nigeria’ will land you to your dream job.
Just give me a chance to share a little story that will open your eyes to it. 
One day, I was discussing with Fred, a friend of mine. He told me; he has been looking for a job for quite a while now. At that point, I asked him “Fred, what sort of job are you searching?” He said “any activity to keep body and soul together”. 
I told Fred that ‘Any Job’ is not a job, and that he can search for years without seeing it. The main activity is to painstakingly pick a profession which intrigue you, where you can play out the sets of responsibilities with your abilities and skills’.
Fred was surprised, he looks at me and asked, “Would you say you are not in Nigeria? There is no job; wouldn’t you be able to see a ton of jobless graduates roaming the street? This is not time to choose a job, you accept any job that comes your way,”. 
“There is no job” is a phrase most jobless individuals used to comfort themselves. 
On second thought, is there no job? 
There is always a job because people are being disengaged, resign, die, born, grow old and retire. As longer as people live, there will always be a job. Companies will consistently need people to work for them.
On hearing this, Fred bowed his head, and said  “Well, the jobs are few, there are many jobless people hustling for the few jobs vacancies. How can I deal with that?” I stated, “Only the smart people get the few job openings,” 
The main question is, ‘who are the smart people’ that will get the few available job? Is it those who got a first class in school? Truly, first class graduates have an added advantage, however, there are many first class graduates who remain unemployed because they failed job interview questions. Hiring managers know that some first class graduates cannot defend their results.
Why are so many graduates cannot appear to be unfit for a job? This is because they couldn’t persuade recruiters during an interview. Then why is it so? It is because most job seekers are desperate to get a job. The keep on running around, chasing different jobs without preparing for a job they want. 
Fred, suddenly gazed upward at me and said, “please help me. What would it be advisable for me to do? I want to work in a bank. I read banking and finance in school,”

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Updated: August 15, 2019 — 1:33 pm

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